Waffle On at the Watch House

New Bermondsey collaboration by Watch House Coffee and Waffle On waffle-wranglers is a love match orchestrated by the angels.

Waffle_On_watch house

Watch House has been pumping out perfect shots of caffeinated joy for just over a year from the teensy, but gorgeous 19th century ‘Watch House’ in Bermondsey. They also do a very fine line in fabulous cakes.

Until recently they shut up shop at 6pm and that was that. And then some ingenious bod came up with the notion of extending hours and collaborating with Maltby St market sensation, Waffle-On, to launch an evening offering. And voila!

Waffle_OnThese aren’t your standard dry, brittle, tasteless waffles. Made with buttermilk to give them depth of flavour and to keep them moist, they have a wonderful crunch on the outside and a lovely soft pillowy middle. They’re all made to order, so there’s none of this sitting around for hours morphing into a piece of dry toast.

But it’s really the toppings that set them apart from the Wafflemeisters of the world. Current faves are:

  • Slow roasted duck with chilli jam and a fried egg
  • Goats Cheese with fresh figs, honey and blueberry coulis
  • Caramelised Banana with chilli and honey butter and Pineapple jam

Perfect paired with any one of the fine coffees from Watchhouse, I’m very happy this little romance grew wings. Lucky locals. Worth crossing the river for the rest of us.

Open 7 days a week, 5pm-10pm


The Watch House
199 Bermondsey Street,


*For the record: I was invited to the launch of Waffle On, but I’d have very happily paid between £7-£9 for the stunning waffles and a couple of quid for the excellent coffee. And will do so soon!

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