Going Off Piste.

But first a word of warning.   This blog is usually an enthusiastic nod to the pleasure of hedonistic pursuits. Fabulous morsels to nibble on. Dribbles down your chin. The odd sojourn into the wonderland of crisp luxe hotel sheets and Michelin plates of smears.   Not today. Today I […]


Lime and Basil Seed Friands recipe 2

RECIPE: Basil Seed and Lime Friands

My friend’s dog died recently. I have to declare that I’m not really a doggy person, but Frisco was a chilled and laid-back kind of sausage, and in his quietness, he let me grow quite fond of him. He wasn’t bouncy or brash or ballsy, but you always knew he […]

What He Said - Corrado Accardi

I first met Corrado Accardi at a cooking class.  A pizza cooking class.  Those who know me will find this surprising as pizza is not my favorite of the five food groups.  ‘Where’s the chocolate?’ I hear you ask.   I was really taken by Corrado’s enthusiasm and passion as a food […]

Corrado Accardi

What She Said - Rosalind Rathouse

I’m a sucker for authenticity.  It sounds a bit ‘white witchy-poo hippy’, but I tend to get ‘hunches’. I reckon I can tell if the wool around my eyes is being tugged too tightly.  Of course I may be dressing up a tendency to be judgemental as wisdom, and intuition, […]