RECIPE: Honeycomb Icecream

“Homemade Honeycomb Icecream : a heady creamy mix with kicks of fizzy honeycomb flakes”


I can eat good homemade icecream any time of the year.

My tummy is not weather sensitive and my sweet tooth will happily make friends with a bowl of luscious creamy blobs whether the sun is shining, or not. This is a useful skill to have when you live in a city (not naming names…London) which gets approximately 6 days of hottish weather per annum.

There are ongoing debates in the culinary world as to whether the Italian or French style of icecream production is best. The French style uses a custard base, where the Italian style relies on a piping hot sugary syrup ‘cooking’ the frothy egg yolks before the mix is churned. Personally I like the Italian method for it’s simplicity, but if I need to work with an infusion for flavour, then the French method creates the best base, as flavours can be infused at the warming milk stage.

This fabulous Honeycomb Icecream uses the Italian method to create a heady creamy mix with kicks of fizzy honeycomb flakes. You can use bought honeycomb, but it’s simple to make and doesn’t take long to cook. If you need a recipe try this one from a previous post: Honeycomb Soldiers

Homemade Honeycomb Icecream
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  1. 220ml water
  2. 250gm sugar
  3. 1 Vanilla bean
  4. 8 egg yolks
  5. 800ml cold double cream (single for Aussies)
  1. BOIL water, sugar and a vanilla bean
  2. SIMMER for 5 mins
  3. WHIP egg yolks for 5 mins until fluffy
  4. POUR the boiling syrup into the yolks
  5. ADD cold double cream (single for Aussies)
  6. WHIP to blend
  7. POP into icecream maker and fold crushed honeycomb through at the very end.
  8. TRY not to scoff in single sitting.
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