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Favorite New London Restaurant Openings

Already awash with wonderful and eclectic food options, it’s hard to fathom how London can keep producing new restaurants of such excellent quality. But she does. I guess some fall off the bottom of the stack to make room, or we just loosen our belts and purse strings and welcome […]

Hoppers London - New London Restaurant Openings

Aromatic Sticky Chicken

Aromatic Sticky Chicken RECIPE

Sometimes you just can’t be bothered.  The mid-week “WhatAreWe/I/GoingToHaveForDinnerTonight” script that just rolls around on endless loop until you finally give in and order pizza. Or boil an egg. Or eat the leftover crumble with too much icecream. Well this recipe is for just those moments.  Quick and easy and […]

Eating Jersey

Hands up if you know Jersey has its own currency, Nope?   A ‘fiver’ in Jersey is very much like the English five pound note, except for one small, but critical detail. The queen is smiling. Yes, beaming from ear to ear. It’s somewhat alarming, but having spent a few […]

Jersey sunset

Rex & Mariano

Food Trends: Rex & Mariano

In a world of do-it-yourself, where Waitrose makes you your own check-out-chick and most of us don’t remember the last time we processed a payment with an actual cashier (cashier? huh? the younger generation will find a useful glossary at the end of this post), Rex & Mariano are taking self-service […]

Blue Chicken Flies Fourth Plinth

What seems to have captured the masses is its sense of whimsy and beauty. It’s grand. Regal. Commanding. But it is also blue. So very blue. It’s fanciful, beguiling and a just a little absurd.   London loved that Blue Chicken.  For non-Londoners wondering if it’s some sort of urban […]

Blue Rooster at Trafalgar Square

Oysters at Randall + Aubin

Randall and Aubin: best oysters in London 2

In London’s food scene, it is really not fashionable to blog about a restaurant that opened eighteen months ago. Uh-uh. Nopey no. You’re a dead-as-a-do-do kind of blogger if that’s your caper.  Eighteen days since the whizzy ‘launch party’ and many bloggers have forgotten to pen their promised ‘review’, moving […]

TRENDS: The Rise of The Dessert 2

On the 5 days of the week when Londoners are not starving themselves on a diet of one sardine and a celery stick (aka the 5:2 diet), it appears we have an uber-crush on desserts. Dessert bars and pop-ups have become something of a ‘thing’ lately. At the same time […]

Peanut Brittle

Scratch Recipe: Almond Pistachio & Rose Petal Brittle

Of questionable nutritious value but devilishly moreish, these clumps of nutty jaw-sticking naughtiness are divine. Another super easy throw together. You’ll notice a pattern here; I do have a fondness for ‘quick sticks cooking’.  And if it looks like you laboured over it for an eternity? Well you’ll still go […]

Scratch Review: Granger & Co

I’ve always had a soft spot for Bill. Maybe it’s the shock of Aussie beachy blond hair. Or his cheeky grin lifted straight from the face of a naughty but endearing toddler. Or maybe it’s what appears to be his effortlessness in achieving that ‘perfect life’ that we all covet. […]

Best Coffee in London? Here’s Five.

Coffee is a prickly subject. I regularly disagree with one of my friends about where to find the best coffee in central London. She takes a long black and I tend towards a milky brew.  I haven’t undertaken research in the strictest sense of the word, but my feeling is that baristas […]

Top 4 Water-based Tours of London

No, your geography teacher wasn’t a sham, London’s not on the coast. But this eclectic city does have several waterways, and one of the best ways of seeing London is by finding a stretch of water and taking a tour along it. We’ve done the hard work for you and […]

Tours on Wheels

So it went like this: Tour guide: “…and this is a great example of the Adam style of architecture.” We were in one of the wee roads off The Strand, running south, down to the Thames. Me: “Oh yes, is that Douglas Adams?” Nanoseconds after it escaped from my mouth […]

Tour of London by bike