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Food Trends: Rex & Mariano

In a world of do-it-yourself, where Waitrose makes you your own check-out-chick and most of us don’t remember the last time we processed a payment with an actual cashier (cashier? huh? the younger generation will find a useful glossary at the end of this post), Rex & Mariano are taking self-service up a notch. At this […]

Rex & Mariano

Hazelnut and Chocolate Roulade

Boozy Chocolate and Hazelnut Roulade

This is the one that prompted the penning of “A moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips”. There. You have been warned. It is, however rather scrummy and a worthy contender for your weekly calorie intake. It’s slightly fiddly to make but that’s probably a good thing as it should really be special […]