Scratch Recipe: Coriander + Lime Calamari

This zingy concoction can be made wither with or without chilli.  I rather like it with chilli but I’ve had a few guests who can’t eat chilli so I did an ok version without it.  It’s fabulous in this calamari dish but is also rather scrummy with chicken, prawns, scallops or veggie noodles (sub the fish sauce for a sprinkle of salt).

The key ingredient here is the coriander roots.   Sorry to come over all mother superior on you, but there is absolutely NO replacement for coriander roots.   So if you don’t have any and can’t find any, put your mallet down, make a cup of tea and find something else for dinner.

1 bunch coriander (must include roots!)
2 red chillis 3 Limes (juice of 3, rind of 2)
Knob of ginger (about thumb size)
6 cloves garlic
3tsp coriander powder
Fish sauce to taste
2tsp fine sugar
1/2 cup peanut oil

1. Blitz garlic, chilli and ginger in food processor
2. Add roughly chopped and well washed coriander stems and roots. Blitz.
3. Add remaining ingredients and purée to a paste. If you need to thin, add water a little at a time.

*Handily enough we provide advice on places to purchase coriander roots and other specialty ingredients in London on our London Food Walking Tours


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Michelle is an ex-restauranteur and chef, a chatterer and a food lover. She currently runs London food walking tours in the neighbourhoods of Soho and Marylebone. Antipodean by birth, Londoner by love.

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