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RECIPE: Chickpeas in Coconut Milk 2

“You’re not much of a celebrity, are you?”.   I’m smidgingly besotted by India. If I could only travel to one more country in my entire lifetime it would be that enigmatic, perplexing, intoxicating country. I’ve visited her half a dozen times and spent a total of about two and a half years there, but […]

Chickpeas in Coconut Milk - recipe

Morden and Lea

Morden & Lea - Review 2

“Is this wonderful restaurant in the wrong part of town?”   The food at Morden & Lea is vibrant, bouncy, seasonal British fare. It’s well prepared, well priced and well presented. I would definitely recommend trying it out if you find yourself in the midst of the dragons and throngs of Chinatown craving a quiet […]

Social Wine and Tapas - Review

Jason Atherton has insomnia. Well I don’t know this for sure, but it’s all I can think by way of explaining how he can possibly have the energy and time to launch and manage the number of eateries in his rapidly bulging portfolio.   Latest up is his new Social Wine and Tapas bar in […]

Social Wine and Tapas

Darjeeling Express

Darjeeling Express - Review

“Asma’s food is more aromatically spiced that the ‘hot hot hot’ spicing many British palates have come to believe is Indian fare. It’s layered and complex and sophisticated.”   Asma Khan is utterly delightful. Warm and gregarious. Witty and charismatic. Her energy is so contagious that you just want to join her army and do […]

Pictures Restaurant - Review

Shepherd’s Bush has a lot going on for foodies. The wonderful Damas Gate middle eastern supermarket has anything you’d ever need to whip up a lavish middle eastern banquet. There’s the famous Shepherd’s Bush Market and also an outlet of Abu Zaad - one of my favorite Damascan restaurants in London. But occasionally I’ve frocked up to see […]

Pictures Restaurant