The Underground Revolution

Across the UK secret ‘underground’ supper clubs are grilling, grinding, basting, baking and bewitching for those ‘in the know’. Winkety wink.

It happened a couple of years ago.  A few competent cooks across London decided to hang imaginary shingles on the door of their…[insert]…tiny studio/cavernous warehouse/glamorous mansion.  They invited people they knew, and people they didn’t, to come for a meal and leave a donation at the end of the night.  And so this guerilla dining movement began.

And it’s still all a bit hush hush.   It’s not really a business.  Or a charity.  Or a group.  It’s a Club.  People  come to your home for a meal and leave a donation towards the cost of the food and effort.

No hoods, masks or cloaks are necessary to join the Scratch Secret Supper club.

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